Do I have to pay sales tax on my purchase?

Where required by law, sales tax will be assessed unless buyer provides proof of tax-exempt status.

If your order has been charged tax and you are a tax-exempt organization we will refund the tax portion of your purchase.  To apply for a refund of the tax portion of your order please follow the procedure below. 

1.  Place your order.

2.  Forward a copy of the received invoice along with a copy of your Tax Exempt Certificate to:

          Email: - Attn: Tax Exempt
          Fax: 734.385.1689 - Attn: Tax Exempt

3.  Once your tax information is received, a refund will be issued for the taxes if the order meets the requirements for tax exemption.

For an adjusted invoice showing no tax amount please login to your account after you have received the refund and download your invoice.